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Hatteras 60 Overnight Fishing Charter

Puerto Vallarta Overnight Fishing Charters Hatteras 60′ The Hatteras 60′ fishing boat has a maximum capacity of 15 people for recreational cruises, 10 people for short fishing trips (6-12 hours), and 6 people for fishing trips lasting over 12 hours (deep-sea fishing). It features 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms, air conditioning, leather furniture, a sound system,…

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Overnight Fishing Charters

Imagine the freedom of sailing in the warm waters of Banderas Bay, living the definitive nautical experience. Welcome to our 24-hour boat rental offer in Puerto Vallarta, the perfect option for those who want to fully explore the wonders of the Mexican Pacific.

Explore the Coast with Our Boats for 24 hours in Puerto Vallarta

Having a boat for 24 hours in Puerto Vallarta allows you to discover the hidden charms of the coast at your own pace. Sail to picturesque beaches inaccessible by land, find your perfect spot to snorkel around coral reefs or simply enjoy the sun on deck while relaxing to the sound of the sea.

Characteristics of Our Boats for 24 hours

The boats that we offer for 24-hour rental in Puerto Vallarta are equipped with all the comforts and the latest technology to guarantee a safe and pleasant trip. Depending on the boat you choose, you’ll find features like spacious lounges, comfortable cabins, fully equipped kitchens, and bathing platforms for easy access to the water.

Services Included in the Boat Rental for 24 hours

In addition to enjoying the boat’s facilities, our 24-hour rental services in Puerto Vallarta include fuel, safety equipment, insurance, and the possibility of having a professional captain and crew, allowing you to focus only on enjoying your maritime adventure.

Reserve your Boat for 24 hours in Puerto Vallarta

Immerse yourself in a unique nautical experience, and discover why renting a boat for 24 hours in Puerto Vallarta is an experience you cannot miss. Contact us today to reserve the boat of your dreams and prepare for an unforgettable maritime adventure!