I. PRIVACY NOTICE. The client’s personal information is provided under strict confidentiality, for the sole purpose of providing a quality boat rental service, and will not be delivered, shared to any organization, company, institution or third party without the written consent of the client.

II. CRUISING SPEED. The boats will be operated at the cruising speed that corresponds to each one, be it fishing or sightseeing tour. When the client demands to increase the cruising speed and the boat has the possibilities to do so, this will imply the payment by the client of the additional fuel consumed, according to the expense per hour or fraction of an hour that said boat consumes at this new speed.

III. CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS. There will be no refunds unless:

1) The authorities close the Port for navigation due to bad weather (in this case we will try to reschedule your charter, if this is not possible, the deposit paid as confirmation of the reservation will be refunded to the client (depending on each situation there may be non-refundable charges for expenses already made for the provision of the service).

2) The circumstances that give rise to the cancellation are extraordinary or force majeure, if this is the case, the provider of the boat charter service will request evidence to support it (depending on each situation there may be non-refundable charges for expenses already made for the provision of the service).

*There won’t be a refund due to seasickness occurring at any time during the trip; once the boat has returned to Port, any subsequent departure on the same day is considered as an independent charter and service.

IV. CLIMATE AND WEATHER. The boat goes out regardless of the weather (rain or shine), unless the authorities close the Port for navigation due to bad weather; If navigation is allowed within the bay, the route of the trip will be adjusted for a trip within the bay. Rain is not, in most cases, a reason to cancel or reschedule the trip.

V. LATE DEPARTURES. Boat charter time counts upon scheduled departure, whether the passengers are yet on board or not. If there is a late departure due to delay of one or several passengers, the trip will be completed according to the remaining time of the charter.

VI. LIABILITY ON BOARD. The client and guests must comply with the instructions of the crew, in case of negligence they will be responsible for damage to the boat, loss of equipment and/or damage to their own physical integrity. Passengers must strictly follow the rules and instructions of the captain and his crew in order to participate in the safe development of the trip.

Minors on board are supervised by the crew most of the time; however, it will be the responsibility of their parents or guardians to strictly supervise underage passengers on board the boat, at sea and on land; Therefore the boat charter service provider disclaims any responsibility related to the neglect of them.

VII. EXTRA HOURS. For logistical reasons and in order to provide the client with excellent service in each charter, the client must inform us before starting the trip if wanted to extend the contracted hours. The price of each additional hour will depend on each boat.

VIII. DRUGS AND WEAPONS. It is forbidden to carry and/or use drugs and/or weapons on board any of the boats. If any passenger is caught carrying and/or using any type of drug and/or weapon during the trip, the captain will immediately return to Port at the Client’s Cost, without the right to reimbursement, and the corresponding authorities will be informed.

IX. CREW-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. The crew-client relationship must be respectful at all times. The provider of the boat rental service disclaims any personal problem that may arise between crew and client, as well as any loss or damage to personal items or physical integrity of the client. The client agrees to take care of their personal items, physical integrity, minors and to abide by the instructions of the crew.

X. ALCOHOL AND BEHAVIOR. The Captain will have the authority to cut the trip short if passengers’ behavior is putting at risk the integrity of the boat and/or its occupants due to improper, incoherent behavior or contrary to the service for which the boat was hired and there will be no refund. Being able to report to the corresponding authorities in the case of illegal activities.

XI. PETS. Pets are not allowed on board our boats.

XII. SHIP CABINS. Both bathrooms and ship cabins are NO SMOKING areas. During the trip it is forbidden to use it for illegal activities, such as: use of drugs and/or weapons, sex with minors, inappropriate manners and, in general, any behavior that may damage totally or partially the reputation of the boat rental service provider and/or the current condition of the vessel: furniture, decorative items, upholstery, electronics, carpets or the ship’s props. The cost of repairing the damage caused to the boat (interior and exterior) will be paid by the customer.

XIII. FISHING TRIPS. Departure time for fishing trips during the rainy season (May to October) is subjected to sea visibility at dawn, sunrise time, distance to pick up spot and the requested fishing trip (4, 6, 8hrs,…). This is due to the high risk of the boat suffering damage from colliding with non-visible floating objects, which are dragged downstream to the sea during constant or heavy rains, which cause most of the last minute boat failures and accidents reported, turning into boat no show, big delays and/or constant reschedules when applicable.