Catamaran Puerto Vallarta

Private Catamarans Available for Rent in Puerto Vallarta Activities you can do aboard a Catamaran

Affordable boat with lots of shade, perfect for up to 30 passengers.

The perfect sail catamaran for groups up to 20 passengers.

6-hour private tour with lunch and open bar included. Maximum capacity of 40 passengers.

Motor catamaran uniquely designed for up to 25 passengers.

2018 Luxury catamaran, accommodates up to 25 passengers.

One of the newest and most exclusive boats in the Bay. Perfect for groups of up to 14 passengers.

Nice catamaran for groups of up to 20 passengers.

It sets the stage for your celebration on the Bay, accommodates up to 150 passengers.

PV Fishing & Sailing have the ideal answer for your very large event…up to 200 passengers.

Discover the excitement and charm of catamaran sailing in Banderas Bay with our exclusive Puerto Vallarta Catamaran offers. Embark on an unforgettable marine adventure!.

Activities you can do on board a Catamaran

Snorkeling in the Marietas Islands

The Marietas Islands are a short boat ride from Puerto Vallarta. The rent of your catamaran includes snorkeling equipment, which is ideal to see the marine life you will find on this wonderful trip.

The first stop is usually Playa del Amor, which has nice coral reefs for snorkeling if you’re looking for something more active than sitting on dry land watching people swim in crystal clear waters. The second stop is usually The Wall of the Arches, where there are several arches carved by nature over thousands of years. ¡ This place has very beautiful structures made of stone that stand out from the bottom of the ocean and look like giant pillars!

Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching is a great activity to do in Puerto Vallarta. This is especially true if you are visiting during the winter months when whales are seen in their natural habitat in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California.

The best way to see whales while visiting Puerto Vallarta, or any coastal city, is by boat. If you are looking for a shore excursion, there are some places where whales can also be seen from the shore.

During the whale season (from November to April), there are many boat trips that take passengers to open waters to see these majestic creatures up close. The boats have different capacities, so be sure to book early if you want to rent your own catamaran.

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